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Review | Paige Hatfield Bat Mitzvah 8.6.22 @ Lake Natoma Inn

We hired Buzzardball DJ for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Prior to our event, Steve was very attentive to our questions and listening to the type of party we wanted to have. He guided us with questions and helpful information on what the night could look like based on our idea and style of party we wanted. My daughter had a very clear idea of the music she wanted and Steve had her put together a playlist based on her music choice. He not only used this to play her requested list, but built and amazing playlist around her likings. Originally we planned to play games and change up the party as needed, but it ended up that the energy of the night was so high and focused on dancing that Steve changed gears to keep the energy alive. Since we didn’t end up playing games, he came up with creative ways to give out prizes being sure to include all ages in the fun. He mixed up the music enough to get almost everyone up and dancing (there are those few who just won’t dance). We had guests as young as 5 and up to 80 years old all dancing at some point in the night. The music played from the second we started the party and didn’t stop until the night was over. Steve did an amazing job reading the room and adjusted accordingly. We danced the whole 5 hours and had the most amazing time doing so. My daughter ended the night telling me “this was the best day of my life”. In my opinion, the DJ makes or breaks a party and Steve truly delivered. We would 100% use Buzzardball for any party and you should too!

Shannon Hatfield - MOM!

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