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featuring Steve Buzzard

DJ Entertainment

Safe and professional DJ, virtual auctioneer, and master emcee services in the Greater Sacramento Area.

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Buzzardball DJ Entertainment, by Steve Buzzard, is a professional DJ and auctioneer service based out of Sacramento, California. 

For over 25 years, Steve Buzzard has served couples, families, and thousands of others in the community through the use of his voice and the creation of memorable experiences.  Even through these changing times, Steve remains committed to providing a fun and safe experience for your event.


50 Year Old Birthday Party.jpg

Corporate, School, Events, You name it!


About Steve Buzzard

Steve Buzzard is a professional DJ, auctioneer, and master emcee servicing the Greater Sacramento Area. He is also the founder, creator, and director of Buzzardball. For over 25 years, his creations have been a staple in the Sacramento community through his popular youth basketball league and summer camp, engaging DJ entertainment, and world-class auctioneering services. Read his full bio on

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