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Steve Buzzard on Parties | You name it, I have done it. And if I haven't done it, then let's add it to the long list of different parties I have hosted as a DJ. School dances, Senior Balls, Junior Proms, 50th Anniversary Parties, Father-Daughter Dances, Mother-Son Events, Teenage Dance Parties, Karaoke Parties, Graduations, and Company Christmas Parties. Those are just to name a few. What I love about parties is that they are all different and are dictated by the energy and flow of the crowd. That is what makes the DJ craft for me so exciting.

THE PLAYLIST | I encourage all of my clients to be in charge of the playlist. The playlist helps give me a vision of how the party will unfold. I have no problem filling in the gaps as I'm reading the crowd, but that initial list really sets the tone for the party. Don't be afraid to be in charge of the music.


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